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 ======%hide Knowledge Base - Unipi technology ====== ​     ======%hide Knowledge Base - Unipi technology ====== ​    
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-{{page>00-start:​introduction-post-hidden}} +~~REDIRECT>​en:​00-start~~
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-===== News ===== +
- +
-== 2021-01-25 - Hardware section changed to Products ==  +
-The most important improvement is changing the section'​s name from "​Hardware"​ to "​Products"​. The section now contains not only info directly related to hardware, but also all important information about specific products. The new content includes articles focused on [[en:​hw:​02-neuron:​description-of-io|inputs and outputs]], [[en:​hw:​02-neuron:​suitable-sd-card|choosing a suitable SD card for RPi-powered controllers]] and the differences between SD card type or a whole new category dedicated to the [[en:​hw:​025-gate|Unipi Gate]] device. In future, the section will also include links to up-to-date OS or documentation available for download. +
- +
-== 2021-01-08 - Release of IAQ Sensor firmware version 3.4 == +
-Updated FW has been released. It contains a new SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt needed for Discovery service feature and also more minor enhancements. Available for download [[en:​files:​software:​tools:00-start#​firmware_for_iaq_sensors| HERE]]. Simply use OTA upgrade via embedded WiFi to upload it into the sensor. +
- +
-/* == 2020-08-19 - Release of Evok 2.3.2 == +
-We have released a new version of Evok containing a bug fix, which prevented starting the Evok on a system with python-dali > 0.6. This error has occurred on the Unipi 1.1 / Lite and has been fixed by the explicit requirement of the compatible python-dali package. */ +
- +
-== 2020-08-10 - OpensourceOS 20200810.0 == +
-This rolling update release of OpensourceOS image contains all up-to-date packages including the latest Raspberry Pi kernel 5.4. You can download the images for Neuron and Axon [[en:​files:​software:​os-images:​00-start|here]]. +
- +
-== 2020-08-10 - Release of unipi-kernel-modules 1.50 == +
-We have released a new version 1.50 of the unipi-kernel-modules,​ which contains the kernel modules for Unipi Axon and Neuron PLCs. This release contains upgraded definitions for kernel 5.4 released for the Raspberry Pi. The release is available via our [[en:​sw:​04-unipi-firmware|repository]]. +
- +
-<WRAP center round alert 60%> +
-With this kernel modul, the MervisRT will not be able to recognize the Unipi Neuron with Raspberry Pi 4. This will be fixed in future release of MervisIDE + MervisRT. +
-</​WRAP>​ +
- +
- +
-== 2020-08-10 - Release of Evok 2.3.0 == +
-We have released a new version 2.3 of the [[en:​sw:​02-apis:​01-evok|Evok]]. This release contains device definitions for [[https://​www.unipi.technology/​unipi-extension-xg18-p331?​categoryId=40|Unipi xG18]] 1-wire extension and new [[https://​www.unipi.technology/​indoor-air-quality-sensor-p299?​categoryId=43|indoor air quality sensors]]. The release is available via our [[en:​sw:​04-unipi-firmware|repository]]. +
- +
-== 2020-06-28 - Release of updated Axon Backup Tool == +
-We have released a new version 1.6 of the [[en:​hw:​01-axon:​backup2usb|Axon Backup Tool]]. Since this release, the partition table is reset to the factory default state.  +
- +
-== 2020-06-25 - Official release of the Czech version of KB.Unipi == +
-Today, the Czech version of Knowledge Base was fully published. The Czech version'​s content matches its English counterpart. The only page that will stay in English only is the current news page. The Unipi team wishes you success with our controllers and hopes this step will make your work with Unipi PLCs more comfortable +
- +
-== 2020-06-22 - New version of unipi-lte package (0.14) == +
-New features: +
-  * Package dependencies switched to Python3 +
-  * Different statistics exposed via SysFS in ''/​run/​unipi_lte''​ +
-Fixed bugs: +
-  * Autoswitch functionality is fixed when used together with static IP configured on the wired ethernet +
- +
-== 2020-06-18 - Updated installation procedure on Raspberry Pi OS / Raspbian == +
-We found out, that the manual Unipi package installation method didn't work well on Raspbian Stretch. We fixed the behaviour and also updated the Unipi Debian Repository page to include this new procedure as well: https://​repo.unipi.technology/​debian/​. The preffered way is to use our [[files:​software:​os-images:​00-start|prebuilt images]], where the packages are already installed. +
- +
-== 2020-06-12 - MervisOS and OpensourceOS 20200612.0 == +
-We have discovered, that in certain batch of Unipi Axon PLCs, the / partition was only 1.4GB large. There wasn't an easy way how to fix this and it required manual repartitioning of the ''/​dev/​mmcblk0''​ via ''​fdisk''​. MervisOS version and OpensourceOS 20200612.0 fixes this in a way, that flashing these images will create the partition structure from scratch. This behaviour is changed only for Axon images. You can download both images [[files:​software:​os-images:​00-start#​axon_generation_os|here]]. This change is already included in the Axon Node-RED image 20200610.8+