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 +====== Cloning, Backup & Restoration of Axon OS images ======
 +This article describes the process to backup, clone, and restore the entire filesystem of the Axon controllers including all user changes (Mervis projects, installed applications,​ ...).
 +  * 8GB USB flash drive
 +  * LAN/WiFi connection to the Axon web service interface
 +====== Backup process ======
 +<WRAP center round alert 90%>
 +During the image recovery process, all data from the recovered PLC unit is permanently deleted and the storage partition-table is reset to the factory default state.
 +<WRAP center round alert 90%>
 +The tool requires a default partitioning of internal storage. If the number/​type/​size of any partitions is changed by the user, the backup/​recovery process may not work properly.
 +<WRAP center round alert 90%>
 +USB 3.0 flash drives may not work properly on older Axon PLC units. A USB 2.0 flash drive is recommended. The drive must always be formatted with the FAT32 file system.
 +  - Download and extract the backup2usb tool: {{ :​en:​hw:​01-axon:​unipi-backup2usb-1.6.zip |}}
 +  - Start the Axon in service mode:
 +    - Hold and keep pressed the small recessed button on top of the Axon device case using a thin-enough tool. The button can be found next to the USB port labels on the upper side of the device.
 +    - Power up the controller while holding the button down.
 +    - Wait until the device finishes booting into the Unipi service mode. This is indicated by the two rows of LEDs flashing in an alternating fashion.
 +    - Use a device with a web browser to connect to the Unipi Axon via Ethernet LAN or Wi-Fi. The process is slightly different between the two options:
 +      - Ethernet LAN: The interface will be accessible on IP address The device will also attempt to acquire an additional dynamic IP address via DHCP if DHCP is available.
 +      - Wi-Fi: The Unipi Axon service mode will create a Wi-Fi access point with SSID “UNIPICONFIG” and password “unipi.technology”. The interface will be accessible on IP addresses and
 +  - Prepare blank USB flash drive with one partition formatted as FAT32
 +  - Put the USB flash drive to **USB2**
 +  - In the service web interface, upload the unipi-backup2usb.swu,​ the backup process will start automatically
 +  - Wait until a green message comes up, this means that the current OS image of your Axon has been backed up to the USB flash disk.
 +====== Restoration process ======
 +  - Put the USB with all the files created using the Backup process the in **USB2** while the PLC is powered down.
 +  - Hold and keep pressed the small recessed button on top of the Axon.
 +  - Power up the PLC.
 +  - Wait ca 5sec until both rows of the LEDs start to light up progressively and release the button.
 +  - The flashing of the PLC is in the process.
 +  - Wait until both rows of LED turn off.
 +  - PLC is flashed and automatically restarted.