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 ====== Mervis Proxy ====== ====== Mervis Proxy ======
-Mervis Proxy service ​can be used for reliable communication with Mervis powered controllers without ​public IP address, port forwarding ​etc.+Mervis Proxy service ​provides secure remote access to Mervis powered controllers ​via internet ​without ​any special network configuration or requirements(public IP address, port forwarding,...).
-=== What you need to use the service === +Mervis proxy is used in the following scenarios:​ 
-Mervis proxy is a part of Mervis Licence which can be obtained using the [[http://​unipi.technology/​getmervis ​| Mervis ​licence request]]. It's a unique random string which allows you to connect 1 PLC to the proxy server ​and connect to the PLC from the IDE via the Proxy.+  * Reading and changing data from the [[en:sw:​01-mervis:​05-mervis-scada|Mervis ​SCADA]] 
 +  * Remote connection, debugging, configuration ​and programm deployment using [[en:​sw:​01-mervis:​01-mervis-ide|Mervis ​IDE]] 
 +  * Interconnection and data exchnage of two PLCs in two mutually separated networks
-=== For what is it good for === +==== What you need to use the service ==== 
-It allows ​users to remotely re-programme the PLC running ​Mervis ​from anywhere.+Mervis proxy is a part of Mervis Licence which can be obtained using the [[http://​unipi.technology/​getmervis | Mervis licence request]]. ​It's a unique random string which allows ​you to connect 1 PLC to the Mervis ​Proxy.
-=== What it cannot do === +<WRAP center round info 60%> 
-For security reasons, some configuration cannot be modified when using proxy - like network IP configuration and Proxy configuration.+For Unipi Patron and Neuron controllers,​ the licence request is included in the package. For the Unipi 1.1, you can obtain the licence request either by purchasing [[https://​www.unipi.technology/​unipi-1-1-lite-complete-set-p169|a complete set]] or by purchasing it as a [[https://​www.unipi.technology/​cs/​mervis-p56|separate product]] 
 +==== What it cannot do ==== 
 +For security reasons, some configuration cannot be modified when using proxy - like network IP configuration and Proxy configuration
 +==== Proxy URLs ==== 
 +You can find all proxy URLs on: [[en:​sw:​01-mervis:​urls-hidden#​mervis_proxy|List of URL for Mervis]].