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Mervis Proxy

Mervis Proxy service provides secure remote access to Mervis powered controllers via internet without any special network configuration or requirements(public IP address, port forwarding,…).

What you need to use the service

Mervis proxy is a part of Mervis Licence which can be obtained using the Mervis licence request. It's a unique random string which allows you to connect 1 PLC to the Mervis Proxy.

For Unipi Neuron and Unipi Axon controllers, the licence request is included in the package. For the Unipi 1.1, you can obtain the licence request either by purchasing a complete set or by purchasing it as a separate product

What is it good for

It allows users to remotely re-programme the PLC running Mervis from anywhere.

It can also be used to connect and exchange data between two or more controllers in a different geographical or on a different IP network locations.

What it cannot do

For security reasons, some configuration cannot be modified when using a proxy - like a network IP configuration and Proxy configuration.

Proxy URLs

You can find all proxy URLs on: List of URL for Mervis.