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 ====== Mervis SCADA ====== ====== Mervis SCADA ======
 +The essential part of the whole Mervis system is SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). SCADA ensures the basic functions of the system needed by technicians-controllers in their work to monitor and to manage the controlled technology.
 +For every connected building or area, a data file is defined which specifies the means for data display and communication with terminal equipment. The display has three basic modes:
 +  * as a list of data points
 +  * as graphical technological diagrams
 +  * as historical charts and overviews
 +==== The Service ====
 +Mervis SCADA runs as a cloud service - see https://​scada.unipi.technology and contact. You are free to try it using the demo account:
 +  * URL: [[https://​scada.unipi.technology#/​login?​username=demo]]
 +  * Name: demo
 +  * Password: demo
 +It can also be run on-premise on your server. Please contact us for more information.
 +=== I want it! ===
 +Mervis SCADA is already available. A detailed tutorial for creating your SCADA interface is available [[https://​kb.unipi.technology/​en:​sw:​01-mervis:​mervis-scada-project-hidden|on this link]]. ​
 +=== Mobile app ===
 +Mobile app for both Android and Apple devices is already published.
 +==== Screenshots ====