List of URLs for Mervis DB, Mervis Proxy and Mervis SCADA

Mervis DB

URL for the unit to save data into a database (can be set in PLC properties → Mervis DB Parameters

  • Mervis IDE 2.3.0 and newer:
  • Mervis IDE 2.2.0 and older:

Link to a user interface:

You can log into the interface only if the DB already has some data stored. Please check the system status in the debugging mode

API access to database (ie. for Mervis SCADA):


Mervis Proxy

URL for connecting the unit to the Mervis Proxy (PLC Properties → Proxy Parameters → URL):

  • Mervis IDE 2.3.0 and newer:
  • Mervis IDE 2.2.0 and older:

URL for connecting Mervis IDE or Mervis SCADA to unit using Mervis Proxy (PLC Properties → Connection Parameters → URI):

  • Mervis IDE 2.3.0 and newer:
  • Mervis IDE 2.2.0 and older:

Mervis SCADA

Link for access to the Mervis SCADA interface can be found in the Mervis SCADA article.

All necessary info along with links for Mervis Proxy and Mervis DB to be inserted into the SCADA terminal and the attached unit is available in the Mervis SCADA tutorial, Chapter 2.1 → Creating a SCADA terminal.

You can access the interface only using the login and password generated in the Mervis SCADA management panel in the Unipi Technology web customer section.