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 ====== SysFS ====== ====== SysFS ======
 +<WRAP center round tip 80%>
 +The SysFS driver is still under development. Please report any issues or feature requests.
 +SysFS driver included in the kernel module for all Unipi controllers,​ except UniPi 1.1 and UniPi 1.1 Lite, provides easy file-based access to all inputs and outputs of the controller. Check the following examples to get started:
 +Set state of DO to 1
 +<​code>​echo 1 > /​sys/​devices/​platform/​unipi_plc/​io_group1/​do_1_01/​do_value</​code>​
 +Read the state of DI
 +<​code>​cat /​sys/​devices/​platform/​unipi_plc/​io_group1/​di_1_01/​di_value</​code>​
 +All IOs can be accessed similarly.
 +Further documentation can be found here: https://​git.unipi.technology/​UniPi/​unipi-kernel/​blob/​master/​docs/​sysfs-platform-unipi.txt