Node-RED is an open-source web-based programming tool that utilizes the flow-based approach. This method is based on so-called nodes, with each node having its specific function. Depending on its function, each node then processes input data and sends them to the next node in line. The application behaviour itself is then created by simply placing nodes and chain-linking them into flows. Aside from user-friendliness this approach also makes the resulting programs very clear and significantly simplifies troubleshooting.

The Node-RED programming interface is accessible via a regular web browser and features a large collection of nodes covering basic automation tasks (switching of inputs/outputs, reading data from sensors, notification sending etc.). Users also have the option to create custom nodes or to implement nodes created by community members. Complete flows can be then exported and shared as JSON files. Aside from these features the interface also allows you to design responsive web interfaces or communication with cloud services.

Node-RED for Unipi units

Node-RED is compatible with all Unipi units. To make its installation as easy as possible, we offer pre-assembled OS images (see the links below). Aside from pre-installed Node-RED and other necessary services and configurations the image also contains the EVOK - a set of web-based APIs used for programming in Node-RED.

Aside from the OS image we provide partial technical support for Node-RED, covering preparations of Unipi hardware for the installation. Technical support for the software itself is not provided. If you encounter any issue with Node-RED, please consult the Node-RED community forum or visit the Node-RED section of the Unipi community forum.

Blog series: Starting with open source software

Check out our new series of articles in which Node-RED is used as an environment for showcasing the use of open source tools on Unipi units.

Case Studies

The case study available on the link below demonstrates how to read temperatures from the Unipi xG18 8-channel 1-Wire extension module using the Unipi Gate, send the values to the ThingsBoard cloud platform via the Node-RED platform and visualize them.