UniPi Software

This section includes topics related to UniPi software (repository, firmware, etc.)

Apt Repository

UniPi firmware, as well as some other UniPi-created SW, is distributed via a Debian repository available at https://repo.unipi.technology/debian/

Currently the packages are supported only for Axon and Neuron generations - Evok for UniPi 1 & lite should be installed as described

Apt is already preconfigured on our Neuron and Axon official images. This guide should be followed only when installing on a clean Raspbian OS.

Add the sources to the apt list

wget https://repo.unipi.technology/debian/unipi.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/unipi.list
wget https://repo.unipi.technology/debian/unipi_pub.gpg -O - | apt-key add -

Let apt to update the unipi sources

apt-get update

And install the required kernel and unipi-firmware packages. This will automatically install the SysFS and Modbus TCP interfaces as well as support for RTC and serial lines.

For UniPi Neuron:

apt-get install neuron-kernel unipi-firmware unipi-modbus-tools

For UniPi Axon:

apt-get install axon-kernel unipi-firmware unipi-modbus-tools

Make sure to reboot the system in order to apply the changes!

After reboot, you can check the service status by

systemctl status unipitcp

The internal firmware will be automatically flashed to the current latest version. You can check the firmware version by

/opt/unipi-bin/fwspi -i 0


Firmware (aka the Software running within the Hardware) is a big part of our hardware (except UniPi 1) and gets updated during the time as things are getting fixed or new functionality is being added.

The Firmware is a standard part of our OS images and is also distributed in our repository in the unipi-firmware package.

Interested in the changes? Check out changelog.txt

Upgrading firmware of PLCs

The firmware can be manually upgraded or checked using the fwspi tool which resides in /opt/unipi-bin/.

To check the firmware on the first group of IOs:

/opt/unipi-bin/fwspi -i 0

To check the FW of other IO groups run /opt/unipi-bin/fwspi -i 2 alternatively /opt/unipi-bin/fwspi -i 2.