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This section contains OS images for our controllers.

Make sure to wait a few minutes after the first boot with a new image. The internal firmware is being automatically updated! If you disconnect the power supply during this procedure, the device will be corrupted and must be sent back to us to re-flash the firmware.

Axon generation OS

The factory default Debian based OS for whole Axon generation. Contains Mervis tools and default ModbusTCP&SysFS drivers. Evok should be installed according to the guide on its GitHub page.

Neuron generation OS

Images to be deployed to a uSD card when using Mervis on Neuron and also UniPi 1.

Since Mervis OS v1.7 the SSH is disabled by default and should be enabled by placing a file named ssh, without any extension, onto the boot partition of the SD if needed. The username is “unipi” and password is “”.

UniPian is Raspbian Lite based OS with all required Neuron drivers (kernel driver, overlay, RTC support, ModbusTCP, SysFS and Evok) and disabled SSH. This OS expects DHCP server running on the network.

The SSH is disabled by default and should be enabled by one of the standard Raspbian methods.

This is a special image for Neurons which only purpose is to upgrade inner firmware of Extensions (xS10,xS30,xS50) and Neuron controllers in order to work properly with Mervis UniPi device prototypes v2.0.

It automatically tries to detect UniPi Extensions on RS485-1 at 9600/19200/115200bps having Modbus addresses 1-31 only using 8N1.

The process of FW upgrade is indicated by flashing upper and lower rows of diodes.

Do not disconnect the power supply nor from Neuron and Extension until the LEDs stops blinking! Otherwise, the devices might be bricked!

UniPi 1st generation

This is the same image as for Neurons,please check UniPi Mervis OS above.

We do not provide the ready opensource image (Like UniPian) for the first generation of UniPi. Please use the standard Raspbian Lite with Evok installed according to the guide on its GitHub page.

Obsolete FHEM image

* includes Readme.txt