1-Wire is a device communications bus system designed by Dallas Semiconductor Corp., providing low-speed data, signalling, and power over a single conductor. The standard defines both the physical layer and the software protocol. The communication is in master/slave mode. UniPi controller acts as a master and sensors as slaves. Each sensor has a unique HW ID, via which the master can address them.

The UniPi controllers use 3 or 4 wire connections for better stability, especially with a larger network. You can connect up to 15 devices on one bus up to 200m long.

FIXME 3pin screw connector will also be used on Neurons in future

UniPi Neuron is equipped with RJ45 socket for connecting 1-Wire devices. The pinout for the connector is as follows.

FIXME Pridat barvy dle UTP, i do horniho obrazku. Napr http://www.bytepile.com/images/image001.gif

The UniPi Axon controllers are equipped with pluggable screw terminal for 1-Wire. The pinout of this connector is as follows and you can check our wiring guidelines.