Unipi Gate

Unipi Gate is a programmable Ethernet / RS485 Linux IoT gateway and logic controller designed for industrial automation, building management systems and other automation projects. Thanks to sufficient computing power, software openness and favourable price this IoT platform is applicable as a data logger in SCADA or MES control systems, or in cloud services within Smart City, Smart Factory and IoT/IIoT projects. Last, but not least, the gateway also represents an easy way to modernize older installations.

Powerful computing module

Unipi Gate is powered by quad-core 600 Mhz ARM A53 CPU and 1 GB RAM which provides the gateway with enough computing performance even for the most challenging applications. It also features onboard 16 GB eMMC memory storage that can be further extended using a microSD card.

Communication interfaces

Depending on the model, Unipi Gate can be equipped with up to two RS485 serial lines.

  • RS485 interface is designed for serial communication (eg. Modbus protocol) and can be used for control and monitoring of various external devices such as boilers, HVAC systems, electric motors, energy meters, other gateways, extension modules or units from different manufacturers.
  • A pair of Ethernet ports with the speed of 1 Gbit and 100 Mbit respectively, serve for network communication with the internet or devices in a local network. The gateway can be also used as a network switch (bridge mode) or as a connection node between two separate networks.

As part of the OEM program, you can customize the number and type of communication interfaces, including technologies such as LTE, IQRF etc.

Extension options

If you need to extend Unipi Gate with inputs and outputs, a simple solution is available in the form of Unipi Extension modules communicating via the RS485 bus (Modbus RTU protocol). The modules provide enough I/Os to control external devices and collect data from them. Multiple modules can be connected to a single bus.

Physical properties

Unipi Gate components are protected by a durable aluminium chassis with IP20 protection. The G100 and G110 models have the same dimensions: 35 × 94 × 70 mm (w × h × d).

The package contains a holder for a standard 35mm DIN rail that can be installed from multiple sides of the chassis, providing you with several ways of installing Unipi Gate into an electrical distribution box.

A wall mount, available as a stand-alone product, allows you to install Unipi Gate directly to electrical distribution box mounting plate without the need for DIN rail.

Unipi Gate is based on the open-source Linux OS that provides compatibility with a wide range of commercial and open-source software solutions. By default, the product is delivered with preinstalled Node-RED software - an open and user-friendly platform suitable for rapid development and prototyping that features a wide palette of tools, clear user interface accessible through a web browser and cloud services integration.

As an alternative, you can choose an open-source OS image, ie. an archive containing basic software necessary for the operating system to run. Using this image, you can either integrate your software into Unipi Gate or use any supported third-party SW solution. For more info about available software please visit the Choosing the right software.

Thanks to its computing performance, software openness and compact size, the Unipi Gate is applicable in a variety of installations and projects, such as:

  • industrial automation,
  • HVAC control systems,
  • SCADA and MES systems,
  • Smart City and Smart Factory projects,
  • edge computing / edge processing, cloud computing
  • IoT/IIoT projects,
  • modernization of older installations,
  • and many more.

Commercial or industrial buildings often feature heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems able to communicate with control systems via RS485 serial interface. Connecting these devices to Unipi Gate gives the ability to read data and send them to cloud systems (internet) via Ethernet. This provides the building’s owner with an option to remotely control and monitor the heating, ventilation and air conditioning in the building (eg. via a web interface) and to optimize it based on analysing the aggregated data.

Unipi Gate is a product line of programmable gateways designed for remote monitoring and management of existing technologies. The case study available on the link below demonstrates how to read temperatures from the Unipi xG18 8-channel 1-Wire extension module using the Unipi Gate, send the values to the ThingsBoard cloud platform via the Node-RED platform and visualize them.

Sending temperatures from Unipi Gate to a ThingsBoard cloud

The manufacturing technology used for the metal chassis allows its graphics customization per the customer’s needs. All you need to do is to send us a RAL code of your selected colour, and templates of your logo or any other graphical features. Combined with the option to use your software, you can obtain a complete solution for your project that is tailored to your needs.

Model RS485 Ethernet Other features
G100 1 2 quad-core ARM A53 CPU (600 Mhz, 1 GB RAM),
16 GB onboard eMMC memory (extendable using a microSD card),
aluminium chassis (IP20 protection), graphics customization option,
installation on a DIN rail or an electrical distribution box mounting plate
G110 2 2