One of the main advantages of our hardware is its open nature. Users of our product are not limited to a single software solution. In case of UniPi controllers, customers can choose from a variety of software platforms, both commercial and opensource. That way, every customer can choose a solution ideal for any project.

Thanks to their open nature, our controllers have a wide range of possible uses. From small smarthome applications to industrial automation, from custom-coded simple platforms to professional all-in-one solutions - all you need to do is to choose a right software.

Choosing the right software

When choosing the right software, there are several questions to consider:

Is the given software compatible with the control unit? Software developed and provided by our team is compatible with all our products, but the development of other software platforms and their compatibility with our products is a responsibility of third-party developers. If you're not sure whether or not the third-party software is compatible with our products, we recommend using our native software

To what extend is the software supported? Third-party developers provide their own documentation, manuals and support for their software. If you cannot find solution for a problem, you may post your question on their or our forum. Documentation, manuals and support for our software can be accessed either via our website, or by contacting our technical support.

Open source or proprietary software? Open source software can be developed or edited by anyone. That means users can experiment and create their own programs and share its source code freely. Commercial software does not offer advantages of open-source solutions, they can however offer a better support, dynamic development and more user-friendly interfaces.

What will be the product used for? The answer here greatly depends on the specific application you want to use our product in as each software offers slightly different features and functions. For commercial projects and industrial systems, is suitable a software in accordance with IEC 61131-3. For Smart Home it is good to use platforms which focuses on such application and offers convenient functions and visually appealing interface. But most importantly it always depends on your individual needs.

What technology are going to be used in the project? Depending on the software platform, it may or may not support all the protocols, devices and third-party products. Before choosing the software, we thus strongly recommend to check the platform's compatibility, either via platform's documentation or by sending a request to the platform's developer.