Create a new project or integrate into an already existing one.

Unipi 1.1

If you have everything listed ready, follow the instructions below:

The Resources folder is used for storing source data, such as styles of HMI objects, or just images.

We always recommend sorting the source data by content into separate directories. To create a new directory, right-click on the Resources folder in the left panel and select Add > Add Directory from context menu.

Enter the name of the new directory (in the case of the manual, the name My images is used) and click OK to confirm.

Use the arrow to the left of the Resources folder to expand its contexts, which also contains the newly created folder with the chosen name. Now right-click on it and select Add > Add Image from context menu.

The following image shows the embedded images in your own directory, which can be used in the HMI template.

Double-click to open the HMI template and to insert the image into the template, click on the HMI Gadget Explorer at the bottom of the sidebar to display the menu with elements (gadgets) for Mervis HMI.

Here, use the mouse to drag the Image element onto the HMI template open in the workspace.

Click or drag mouse to select the inserted element. Now, click on Image Source in the right column of its properties and then open the menu with the button .

The image selection dialog box opens, select the desired image here and click OK to confirm.

Once inserted, you can change the positon, sizes, stretch, rotation and mirroring of the image. The result may look like the following image: