Usage of Mervis IDE Help (F1)

Patron Neuron Gate Unipi 1.1 Axon Extension

When working with the Mervis IDE, we recommend using the integrated help in addition to the Unipi KB.

Help can be accessed either by clicking the icon in the top panel of Mervis IDE, pressing the F1 key, or by opening the Help tab from the top menu and selecting Help from the drop-down menu.

Default help window:

The help window is divided into three parts:

  • Top Panel - Allows printing
  • Left Panel - Navigation and searching in the help
    • Contents - List of articles divided in a directory structure according to topics
    • Index - Index of all articles with filtering option
    • Search - Search by keyword
  • Content Window - Display of the help article

Each article contains a title, a description of the topic and often examples of its use. Functions and blocks also include FBD/ST usage and input/output descriptions.

After selecting any function or functional block, you can open the corresponding help article.

It is not possible to find help of HMI elements this way. For their help, navigate to Contents tab in the left panel and search: HMI editorHMI text editor objects or HMI graphical objects.

The FUPLA block Pulse Generator (BD2) is shown as an example, the block was selected with the left mouse button.

Press the F1 key to open the help on his page.

The help language is identical to the language used in the Mervis IDE. To change it, click the drop-down menu Tools in the top bar, select Settings. Then, in the opened window, select the desired language from the Language Settings drop-down menu.

Mervis IDE must be restarted afterwards.