Uploading configuration

In Mervis, there are 3 ways to upload settings to the PLC:

Unipi 1.1

Solution configuration includes:

  • Programs
  • List of channels and devices
  • HMI

Hit Deploy solution on the Ribbon and select which parts of this configuration (Program, HMI,..) you want to upload and to which PLCs

Each of the IOs can have its own configuration settings. Those are:

  • default value applied right after the power connection
  • mode of the analog inputs and outputs
  • Direct Switch for the digital inputs
  • PWM for digital outputs
  • Master watch dog

This configuration isn't uploaded by deploying solution and you can read about the process here

RT configuration upload includes:

  • Network cards configuration
  • Language settings
  • Login credentials
  • SSH, date and time
  • Proxy, Mervis DB and SSCP settings

This configuration is not uploaded to the PLC via Deploy solution. Check this tutorial for additional info.