Connecting Mervis IDE to Unipi

Goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to get connection from Mervis IDE on your computer to the Unipi unit.

The only way how to program Unipi unit from Mervis IDE is via ethernet connection. Typically, there are two types of physical connections: Local network with DHCP server (most common) or direct connection to Unipi.

Unipi 1.1

  • computer with installed Mervis IDE
  • Unipi unit with running Mervis OS
  • 1 ethernet cable or 2 ethernet cables and wifi router

Despite the complicated name of this method, it is the most common and the easiest one. Just plug in your computer and Unipi unit to the same network you have e.g. to your wi-fi router. Both the PC and the Unipi will receive the IP address from DHCP server (your router). See the diagram below:

Direct connection via ethernet means taking network cable, plug it into the computer and plug the other end to the Unipi unit. Since there is no DHCP server on this small network, your computer and Unipi will assign itself random IP address from 169.254.XXX.XXX range.