Multiple template pages (HMI/SCADA)

When creating a more complex solution, the HMI (or SCADA) interface will also become more complex and soon more pages will be needed. This may be due to not enough space for all the required graphical elements on one page, or due to logical division. In Mervis IDE it is therefore possible to create multiple pages in one HMI template.

To add another page to the template, click on the button [+] in the bottom left corner of the main window.

One page is added each time the button is clicked.

For clarity it is useful to (re)name the pages. To rename a page, select the desired page with the mouse at the bottom of the main window and then change the Name in the right Properties panel.

In the case of multiple template pages, the buttons to the right of the [+] button are used for navigation. The inner ◀ and ▶ buttons move the view just one page, and the outer ▎◀ and ▶▎ buttons move the view to the first or last page.

The final HMI page is displayed by entering the IP address of the PLC in the browser address bar:

To navigate between multiple pages, use the [≣ >] button in the top left corner of the web page. Click on this button to display a drop-down menu with a list of pages.

In the SCADA interface the same button is used to navigate between projects. For changing schema pages, use another button, labeled with the page name.