Moving from Mervis 2.0 to 2.1

When moving from Mervis 2.0 you might be facing some issues mostly caused by the new v2 UniPi device prototypes. A lot of things has changed so the tuturials have also been updated.

The easiest way to find out if your extension has the proper firmware is to simply use the new v2 device prototypes and see if only the Relay variables have the red background.

I do not see the option to configure the HW in the datapoint property grid

You are probably using device prototypes prior to the v2. with the updated tutorials Please update the prototypes to the newer version or stick with the older device prototypes and use the obsolete tutorial.

I want to use the AOI function block on AO the first group to measure resistance, but I am missing Vref and other variables

The AOI FB is no longer needed because the calculation has been moved to the HW level. You can now use just the AO_w datapoint to configure the mode of the AO and AO_r to read the actual value as described in the tutorial.

I have HMI created in the external HMI editor and want to move it to the new IDE

Importing project created in the external HMI editor is not possible. You have to either stick with the external HMI editor and use the new IDE to upload the HMI as you were used to or design the web interface from scratch in the HMI editor integrated into the Mervis IDE.

Cannot control relays and digital outputs of your Extensions (the variables are red)

This is caused by using different registers in prototypes v2.0 that are not implemented in the Firmware of your extensions. To fix it, you can either update the firmware of the extension or use prototypes <2.0 (but Mervis will complain about using obsolete device).

Mervis warns about a used obsolete device

Mervis reports message “Warning Obsolete HW device “Neuron S103” is used. This device should be manually replaced by a suitable device from the current HW library.” warning users about using obsolete device prototype. This is caused because the IDE, in which the project is currently opened, contains a newer version of devices so the older version is marked as obsolete.

You can ignore the message if you do not mind or you can move to newer prototypes which are part of the IDE. However, this does require some work depending on the complexity of your project.

Upgrading firmware in Extensions

When using device prototypes v2.0 (older prototypes are marked as obsolete) a firmware v5.14 or greater must be used. There are three ways to upgrade the firmware:

  1. Using the Extension FW tool via a USB to RS485 converter such as Digitus DA-70157.
  2. Booting a special OS image for Neurons, which will do it automatically.
  3. Contact our support team with the type of your extension and its serial number and send the unit(s) back to us and we will reflah it and send it back to you the next day.