Configuration of date, time and timezone

All Unipi PLCs feature Real Time Clock module (RTC) that are used mainly for the control of various time programs. All RTC clocks has a battery as a back-up, time settings are thus not affected by power outages. That said, it is still necessary to check now and then, if the settings are correct.

Unipi 1.1

Manual setup

Right-click on PLCPLC OperationsPLC SetupTime setup.


Here, you can update the PLC time according to the time in you PC, or you can set your own time. In both cases the time is converted to UTC time based on the time zone set for the PLC.


Automatic setup

if the PLC is connected to a network with Internet access, you can sync the time using any available NTP server. Some industrial networks even include their own internal NTP servers to allow time synchronization without the need for internet connection. Ask your network administrator for detailed info.

Time sync through an NTP server is done each day at 3:15 AM. NTP server can be configured in PLC properties. Click on PLC and in the right panel, select the Date/Time Settings:

Daylight offset:

  • a table of thresholds between the standard time and the daylight saving time
  • by choosing a profile for the corresponding timezone, the UTC offset and data tresholds will be set for the next 20 years

UTC offset:

  • determines the difference in hours between local time and UTC

NTP server URL:

  • address of the NTP server we want to sync time with
  • it is necessary to enter URL along with the protocol used and the port number, ie.