Mervis IDE

Mervis IDE is a software development environment for programming and debugging UniPi controllers running Mervis OS.

Installation guide for Unipi Axon / Unipi Neuron a 1.1

Mervis OS are versioned the same way as Mervis IDE releases. Eg. Mervis OS 2.3.0.x will work with IDE 2.3.0 but might not work with IDE 2.2.0. Mervis IDE 2.3.0 requires Mervis OS 2.2.0.x at least, but also requires update of the Mervis RT. Compatibility with Mervis OS older than 2.2.0 is not guaranteed.

Mervis IDE 2.3.0 and 2.2.0 includes HW devices definitions v2.1. V2.0 device definition will become broken in the next release. If you use prototypes 2.0 and lower Mervis will warn you about it, but the project will be built correctly. You can ignore it or move to the v2.1 devices definition.

Get the latest stable version:

PLC licensing has been introduced in Mervis IDE 2.3.0. Without a licence, the program in PLC runs for 20 minutes only. Make sure to Update Runtime at first and then license the PLC.

Previous versions:

Example projects

Need inspiration or example of how to start coding with Mervis?

The example projects must not work out of the box, they aim to inspire programmers to get started.

Custom serial protocol

Implements a function block which parses serial communication protocol (Sinclair SHP) on RS485 using a finite state machine.

Sending email

Mervis can also send emails but only using unencrypted communication (SSL/TLS is not supported).

Inepro PRO380 energymeter in use

A simple usage of a Modbus energy meter.

Custom Modbus RTU flow meter

Simple parser

Simple parser used for reading incoming communication on a serial line (paired Zigbee devices).

Differential pressure measurement project

A sample project for calculating differential pressure with a diff. pressure sensor connected to Unipi Axon M505 controller.

Differential pressure sample project

The function block used will work only with the Sensirion SDP816-125PA diff. pressure sensor!

Webinar Radesin 2017

The final project which has been created during the Mervis training day in Radesin 2017.

Mervis basic training

First training for Mervis IDE - setting up a project in full mode, mapping IOs, designing your application, creating a web for the application, using Mervis DB and Mervis Proxy.

Modbus&Mervis training

All you need to know about Modbus, particularly Modbus TCP, and how to add Modbus devices to your Mervis project.