Technical parameters

This section contains all technical details related to Unipi Gate, including the storage, installation and working conditions.


Terminals RS485-A, RS485-B
Galvanic isolation Yes
Isolation voltage 1000 V
ESD protection ±15 kV
Communication speeds 2400 bps
4800 bps
9600 bps
19200 bps
38400 bps
57600 bps
115200 bps
Input impedance 12 kΩ
Input voltage hysteresis 70 mV
Output characteristic ±2.5 V
Terminating resistor Built-in attachable 120 Ω
RS485 pull-up / pull-down resistors 560 Ω / 560 Ω
Ethernet port ETH0 10/100 Mbit/s
Ethernet port ETH1 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
USB port USB 3.0 (for service)
Ext. memory storage Micro SD (max. 128 GB)
Working temperature 0 °C .. +55 °C
Operating voltage range 9-30 V⎓
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Storage conditions Temperature: -25 °C .. +70 °C
Humidity: 10 % .. 95 %, w/o aggressive substances, condensing vapours or fog
Ingress protection (IEC 529) IP20
Working position Vertical, horizontal
Installation To a 35 mm DIN rail in an electrical distribution box, optionally on a electrical distribution box mounting plate
Connection Pluggable screw terminals
Wire gauge Max. 1,5 mm2 for RS485
Max. 2,5 mm2 for power terminal
Terminal spacing 3,5 mm for RS485
5,08 mm for power terminal
Terminal tightening torque Max. 0,4 Nm