Obtaining a licence for Mervis DB, Mervis Proxy and Mervis RT

Information for licencing the Mervis platform is distributed as a Licence request. This request is packed in it's paper form to all Patron and Neuron units and also sent in its electronics form in the Order complete email.

Unipi 1.1

If you lost the License request, send us a email requesting the License code resend with your Order number, photo of the manufacturer plate or model and serial number of yous unit, screenshot showing Attach dialog with the unit in Mervis IDE or MAC address of the unit to info@unipi.technology.

By using the Licence request you will get the following information:

To get the licences, visit https://unipi.technology/getmervis and enter the Licence request code (it is necessary to sign in) and confirm by pressing the Send request button.

The new licence will immediately appear in the list.

Fields User and Password are reserved for Mervis DB, while the Proxy ID field is for Mervis Proxy. The RT Licence is then related to Mervis RunTime.