The EVOK is our Open-Source application programming interface (API) providing interfaces to access physical inputs, outputs and communication interfaces. It's goal is to provide simple access to the hardware without the need of dealing with low-level programming.

Documentation, installation guide and descriptrion of APIs can be found at GitHub repository.

Evok consis of two modules:

  1. Evok API - the core handling the communication between all APIs and the hardware
  2. Evok Web - practical example of some of the APIs in a Web based application which also server as a simple UI of of all I/Os of the controller

Application logic and other operations (implementatios of different components of the system) should be handled by an external application.

Simplified EVOK scheme

  • REST
  • Bulk JSON
  • SOAP
  • WebSocket

Quick example which sets relay 1 On using curl:

curl --request GET -url http://your-ip-goes-here:8080/json/output/1

Complete documentation including API usage examples can be found at https://evok-14.api-docs.io/1.11/