Installing EVOK

The EVOK install is described in detail on this link. The link contains a brief description of EVOK and the install guide.

For this guide, only several commands will be needed to be entered into the SSH terminal. Bear in mind that it is recommended to paste commands by lines. It is also possible to run several blocks at once, but we strongly recommend to perform the procedure one step at a time. If the Unipian image was used, the EVOK is already contained within it and it is not needed to install it again. It is, however, necessary to check if the latest version is used. All you need to do is to use the following commands:

sudo su

apt-get install evok

apt-get update


The Raspbian image can be also used instead of UniPian. This option, however, requires the EVOK to be installed according to the installation manual on GitHub)

If everything was done correctly, you can now open a web browser and enter the IP address of your controller. The EVOK user interface will open.