The REXYGEN is suitable for developing industrial automation solutions. For example, the compatibility with Matlab®-Simulink® platform allows the user to perform simulation before the project deployment. This feature is useful especially for extensive projects requiring the possibility to add new components during the system operation.

REXYGEN is currently compatible only with the Unipi 1.1 & 1.1 Lite


The basic component of REXYGEN is the RexCore runtime core. The core runs on the unit, performs .rex binary files translations and executes algorithms. It also gives the user access to input/output signals using a set of I/O drivers.

The second key component is REXYGEN Studio development environment, featuring three main tools

  • RexDraw – Graphic configuration tool
  • RexView – Diagnostic tool providing the user with detailed information about currently running control scheme
  • RexComp – Built-in compiler for compiling files designed in RexDraw into binary files.

Users can use this environment to create and develop control algorithms, configure I/O signals and transfer finished projects into devices. For algorithm programming, the platform uses a graphic development environment, utilizing function blocks according to the IEC 61131-3 standard. REXYGEN Studio also features built-in extensive library including various tools - timers, filters, PID controllers etc.


For a permanent operation, the REXYGEN requires license purchase. The license can be purchased on this link.

Alternatively, the user can use a free 2-hour trial version including advanced function blocks and I/O drivers. Process of setting up the trial version is described in the manual (see below)

All necessary information regarding the REXYGEN itself, its installation and configuration for the Unipi 1.1 can be found in the official manual

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