The CODESYS is a German-developed software platform designed specifically for use in modern industrial automation. At the same time, the platform is made to be as user-friendly and easy to use as possible. The CODESYS is in widespread use around the globe with more than 100 000 users from various countries and more than 1000 companies utilizing the CODESYS not only in the industrial sphere – the system is used also in schools and universities for the training of future engineers and technicians.

In the CODESYS, the user can find applications for implementation and configuration of Fieldbus systems or specific input/output systems. Moreover, a wide offer of optional add-on modules is available for methodical application development modules such as version management, static code analysis, unified modelling language etc. Other add-on components can contain applications and tools for project engineering such as visualization or safety modules. All parts of CODESYS are then managed from a single user interface, which makes the installation, maintenance and user training much easier

Until recently, CODESYS was developed and supported by third-party developers. However, the third-party discontinued the product and CODESYS for Unipi units is no longer available. For Unipi 1.1, Unipi Axon and Unipi Patron it is still possible, but very difficult to use CODESYS.

A possibility exists for Unipi Neuron users through using a clean OS Debian image.

Unipi Neuron

  • To run CODESYS you need to purchase and download the CODESYS for Raspberry Pi installer package.
  • The next step is to set up a Modbus TCP server on the unit, allowing CODESYS to communicate with I/Os of the unit.

Please note, that without the license (download only), the CODESYS will run with full functionality for two hours. After this trial expires, a license must be purchased to unlock the program.