The production of Unipi Axon controllers was discontinued. The Axon line was replaced by the next generation named Unipi Patron.
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Technical parameters

The following article contains technical details of communication interfaces on Axon PLCs, as well as the controllers' storage, installation and working conditions.


Terminals RS485-A, RS485-B
Galvanic isolation Yes
Isolation voltage 1000 V
ESD protection ±15 kV
Communication speeds 2400 bps
4800 bps
9600 bps
19200 bps
38400 bps
57600 bps
115200 bps
Input impedance 12 kΩ
Input voltage hysteresis 70 mV
Output characteristic ±2.5 V
RS485 pull-up / pull-down resistors 560 Ω / 560 Ω
Working temperature 0 °C .. +55 °C
Storage conditions Temperature: -25 °C .. +70 °C
Humidity: 10 % .. 95 %, w/o aggressive substances, condensing vapours or fog
Electric strength according to EN 60950
Ingress protection (IEC 529) IP20
Working position Vertical
Installation To a 35 mm DIN rail in an electrical distribution box
Connection Pluggable screw terminals
Wire gauge Max. 1,5 mm2 for 1-Wire
Max. 2,5 mm2 for other terminals
Terminal spacing 3,5 mm for 1-Wire
5,08 mm for other terminals
Terminal tightening torque Max. 0,4 Nm