This manual refers to the LTE series of Axon units (currently S165, M565 and M265).

  1. Insert micro-sim supporting LTE data into the slot.
  2. Log-in to the controller via SSH (or SCP) and edit file /etc/unipi-lte.conf. APN setting is mandatory (LTE service is turned off if this line in the file is missing or is commented). You can use built-in nano editor to do this. The APN parameter should be provided by your network operator.
  3. In the same way, set the PIN parameter if SIM is PIN-protected.
  4. Restart your controller. Be patient, registration to the mobile network can take tens of seconds. When registered, NET LED lights up.
  5. During normal operation, “Mobile network” LED indicators SIM, NET, INT shloud be ON while blinking SIG indicates signal strength.
  6. In case of any problem, check the syslog for more info (you can use grep command to filter messages from the unipilte service).