Cloning, Backup & Restoration of Axon OS images

This article describes the processes to backup, clone and restore of the entire filesystem of the Axon controllers including all user changes (Mervis projects, installed applications, …).


  • 8GB USB flash drive
  • LAN/WiFi connection to the Axon web service interface

Backup process

The backup process does work only via the service web interface, do not put the content of the to the USB flash and try to start the backup process from it as it will result in bricking the Axon.

  1. Download and extract the backup2usb SWU:
  2. Start the Axon in service mode:
    1. Hold and keep pressed the small recessed button on top of the Axon device case using a thin-enough tool. The button can be found next to the USB port labels on the upper side of the device.
    2. Power up the controller while holding the button down.
    3. Wait until the device finishes booting into the UniPi service mode. This is indicated by the two rows of LEDs flashing in an alternating fashion.
    4. Use a device with a web browser to connect to the UniPi Axon via Ethernet LAN or Wi-Fi. The process is slightly different between the two options:
      1. Ethernet LAN: The interface will be accessible on IP address The device will also attempt to acquire an additional dynamic IP address via DHCP, if DHCP is available.
      2. Wi-Fi: The UniPi Axon service mode will create a Wi-Fi access point with SSID “UNIPICONFIG” and password “”. The interface will be accessible on IP addresses and
  3. Prepare blank USB flash drive with one partition formatted as FAT32
  4. Put the USB flash drive to USB2
  5. In the service web interface, upload the unipi-backup2usb.swu, the backup process will start automatically
  6. Wait until a green message comes up, this means that the current OS image of your Axon has been backed up to the USB flash disk.

Restoration process

  1. Put the USB with all the files created using the Backup process the in USB2 while the PLC is powered down.
  2. Hold and keep pressed the small recessed button on top of the Axon.
  3. Power up the PLC.
  4. Wait ca 5sec until both rows of the LEDs start to light up progressively and release the button.
  5. The flashing of the PLC is in the process.
  6. Wait until both rows of LED turn off.
  7. PLC is flashed and automatically restarted.