Mervis is our primary, officially supported, a full-fledged software platform for controlling Unipi units. It allows you to:

  • Create programs in accordance with the IEC 61131-3 standard
  • Build a web-based HMIs (human-machine interfaces)
  • Set long-term saving of data into the cloud or on-premises database
  • Control your whole automation solution with SCADA interface
  • Access your units over the internet via a proxy server

Mervis platform includes:

  • Mervis IDE: the main software for configuration, programming&debugging and creating visualizations
  • Mervis RT: software running on the unit, responsible for executing a program prepared in Mervis IDE
  • Mervis DB: database for long-term saving of data from your units
  • Mervis Proxy: service for remote service access to the units over the internet
  • Mervis SCADA: supervizor control, visualisation and analytics tool for every project

Supported communication protocols:

Protocol Client Server Ethernet RS485/232
   Modbus TCP/RTU
   BACnet IP
   SoftPLC Link
   AMiT DB-Net/IP
   Jablotron 100
   IEC 62056-21

Mervis is supported by Unipi units from Patron and Neuron production line. Each Unipi Patron or Neuron controller is shipped with Mervis RT license and Proxy ID included in the package. For Unipi 1.1 or Unipi Gate the license has to be purchased separately.