Mervis OS

This disk image for Unipi Neuron units contains version of the OS that includes Mervis software and is therefore suitable for use in various automation applications.

Product line:

Unipi Neuron




Mervis RT version:


Build date:



Debian 10 (buster)





FW package version:


Min. SD card capacity:

2 GB

Supported Raspberry Pi versions:

2, 3, 4

Included components:

Mervis RT & tools, Modbus TCP, SysFS

Every unit with Mervis OS 2.3.0 and newer requires a license.

If the unit is not licenced, it will run in demo mode. The demo mode does not limit the functionality, but the program will run only for 20 minutes. After that time, the program will stop running and RUN LEDs will start blinking in a 2-second interval (on/off).

Make sure to Update Runtime at first and then license the unit.

Mervis OS are versioned the same way as Mervis IDE releases. Eg. Mervis OS 2.3.0.x will work with IDE 2.3.0 but might not work with IDE 2.2.0. Mervis IDE 2.3.0 requires Mervis OS 2.2.0.x at least, but also requires update of the Mervis RT. Compatibility with Mervis OS older than 2.2.0 is not guaranteed.

SSH is disabled on these OS images by default for security reasons.

If connection to the unit via SSH is required, it can be enabled by creating a file named “ssh.txt” (or without the .txt extension) and placing it in the boot partition of the SD card or by uploading configuration of Mervis RT.

The default SSH credentials are: user unipi and password

After finishing work, it is necessary to turn off or secure SSH.

After flashing the new OS always upload I/O boards configuration. After uploading the configuration, wait approximately one minute for the drive to fully boot.