GSM models

Are you looking for instructions for sending SMS from Mervis IDE? Continue with this tutorial.


Thanks to the GSM network connection Quectel M66 modem allows you to send or receive SMS messages. It can also be used for GPRS connection to the Internet.

GSM/GPRS class 10
GSM frequency bands 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
SIM card type MiniSIM (15 × 25 mm)
GSM/GPRS antenna 2 dBi - SMA

This modem is the successor to the FIBOCOM G510, which was used in the older versions of Neuron S103-G. The Quectel M66 modem uses the same set of AT commands, so the software written for the FIBOCOM G510 is also compatible with this new Quectel M66 modem. The only difference is that the serial link has a factory setting for communication speed different.

Neuron S103-G

The Unipi Neuron S103-G unit is equipped with the Quectel M66 GSM/GPRS module and a MiniSIM card slot. This allows the unit to connect to a GSM network and sending notifications, or status messages, or receiving requests via SMS. If properly configured, it is also possible to use GPRS to connect to the Internet.

The modem is available on the serial line ttyAMA0.

Note: GPRS communication is not natively supported in Mervis software.


As part of the custom production, it is possible to mount the Quectel M66 modem in other Unipi units from the Neuron and Patron production line when ordering a larger number of units.

If you are interested in custom production, do not miss this article on OEM products. If you decide on custom production, contact our sales department.

  • An internal GSM antenna is included in each package of the Neuron unit with the GSM module. In case of signal quality problems, it is advisable to use an external antenna installed in an open space (i.e. outside the switchboard). You can choose between an antenna with a magnetic mount and a larger wall antenna. Both types of an antenna can be purchased in our e-shop.
  • It is not recommended to use the internal Wi-Fi and GSM/GPRS interface at the same time.
  • Instructions for setting up GPRS communication can be found e.g. at this link.