Sizes and sections

Unipi units are available in three sizes:

  • Type S: max. 10 inputs and outputs, 70 × 90 × 60 mm (4 DIN modules)
  • Type M: max. 40 inputs and outputs, 140 × 90 × 60 mm (8 DIN modules)
  • Type L: max. 70 inputs and outputs, 210 × 90 × 60 mm (12 DIN modules)

Depending on the model, Unipi units feature 1-3 sections, with each section containing a group of inputs, outputs or communication interfaces. Unipi units can have 1 (S-series), 2 (M-series) or 3 (L-series) sections, as shown on the picture below:

Labels S, M and L allow for a quick distinction between unit sizes. The section numbers is important for the software, especially for addressing input and output boards. The special section number is 0, through which in some cases all three sections can be accessed simultaneously.